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After months upon months of preparing our charge house at 22 Madison with over $50,000 worth of renovations, as well as every brother chipping in with...

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Theta Delta Chi, Lambda D
Amidst the music of the city streets stands an elderly ivy-covered house. This is our home, Lambda Deuteron - our privileged home outside of home. In ...

The meaning of fraternity involvement varies with both the organization and the individuals whom belong to it. The Undergrad Association of Theta Delta Chi Lambda Deuteron is a group of young university students striving to better ourselves and our surroundings through teamwork, dedication, and brotherhood. There are numerous administrative positions available within our organization that enables brothers to hone skills which will be very useful in post-graduate life, as well as plentiful opportunity to cultivate and maintain equally useful connections and relationships during time spent here.

We also work closely with our Alumni Association to determine future directions for Lambda Deuteron, and often utilize their wealth of experience and knowledge to assist in our development as maturing individuals. Being a part of Lambda Deuteron gives brothers an opportunity to observe first-hand the positive effect that hard work and dedication can have on an organization, as well as reap the rewards of such a relationship.  There are three chief components of undergraduate life which the Lambda Deuteron Charge of Theta Delta Chi considers of the utmost importance: Family, Schooling, and Brotherhood. Good family relationships are essential for the healthy development of young individuals, and Lambda Deuteron works to ensure that its members are not kept from any commitments which are necessary to maintain these relationships.

Furthermore, given that we are an organization of university undergraduates, schooling is also an extremely important aspect of our experience. Our organization recognizes the importance of good grades as a determinant of one’s future, and as a result we utilize all of the tools at our disposal in order to assist our members in achieving their highest potential. Finally, brotherhood is the third component of undergraduate life which Lambda Deuteron considers of the highest importance. The bonds which are forged during the time spent here are cultivated through social activities such as parties, brothers’ nights, athletics teams, and social events with other members of the greek community.  Many in the past have found that these ties of brotherhood become as strong as those of family, and our shared experiences provide the roots of friendships that will last a lifetime.


Brett Gauthier,


THETA DELTA CHI Now Accepting New Members!

If you would like to make the most of your time at university, and better yourself along the way, then fraternity life is for you. Since 1847, young men from various backgrounds have entered the doors of Theta Delta Chi and discovered the true value of fraternal bonds.

Though social activities are a big part of all Greek communities, Theta Delta Chi stands for much more--if we didn't we wouldn't have lasted through 158 years and 2 world wars. In other words, Theta Delta Chi embodies a suite of values and traditions that help develop a man's intellectual, social, and moral being.

Over the years, many a great men have adopted the values of Theta Delta Chi and can attest to its infinite potential. Four-time Pulitzer Prize winning poet Robert Frost (Omicron Deuteron 1896), and author/actor Norm Hackett (Gamma Deuteron 1898) are two men that have benefited from the bonds of brotherhood in Theta Delta Chi.

If you are willing to look past the stereotypes and are curious to evaluate Theta Delta Chi, please contact our Recruitment Chair ( ) or stop by 22 Madison Avenue (just East of Bloor/Spadina) and see for yourself. Visitors are always welcome.

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