10 TDX Firsts


Adopt Colors – Black, White, and Blue

Adopt and Display an Official Fraternity Flag –

Adopt an Official Stone – the Ruby

Adopt an Official Flower – the Carnation

Adopt a Patron Goddess – Minerva the goddess of wisdom

Publish a Fraternity Magazine – “The Shield” is published by Theta Delta Chi three times yearly. All brothers receive a lifetime subscription of The Shield.

Adopt the Usage of a Pledge Pin –

Form an Educational Foundation – The Educational Foundation was formed to support and reward the academic achievements of Theta Delts through scholarships, endowments, and awards. The Educational Foundation is supported by tax-deductable donations and voluntary graduate (VG) dues.

Form a Founders’ Corporation – Founders’ Corporation was created in 1910 for the holding and administration of an endowment for the Fraternity. It invests money in bonds, securities, charge houses etc. Interest gained is turned over to the CFO to cover operational costs.

Develop a Record of Official Visitation – The ROV is performed annually by the charge consultant. The purpose of this visit is to provide assistance to the charge in areas such as recruitment, operational organization, membership education, and ritual preservation.