Lambda Deuteron



On January 26, 1909, Sigma Delta, a local fraternity at University of Toronto, was founded by C.H. McKimm, D.G. McIntosh and H.A. (Fac) Cooch. In the years following its conception, Sigma Delta would recruit more than thirty members. The brothers of Sigma Delta first became acquainted with Theta Delta Chi through a cousin of C.H. McKimm, who was a TDX brother of the Zeta Deuteron Charge at McGill University in Montreal (est. 1901; disbanded 1972).

As time passed, the ties between the brothers of Sigma Delta and Theta Delta Chi grew stronger. On November 23, 1912, the President of the Grand Lodge, Frank Compton (Sigma Deuteron 1898), accepted Sigma Delta’s petition to join Theta Delta Chi. Henceforth, on December 21, 1912, The Lambda Deuteron Charge in Theta Delta Chi was installed.

Over the years our Charge House has had many different addresses, but it was in 1967 that we moved to our current location at 22 Madison Avenue. Our beautiful Victorian-style mansion has recently undergone several renovations, improving on the most fantastic imagery in residential architecture since its construction in the late 1800s. We are located in the heart of the city, close to campus and all the great things Toronto has to offer.

Lambda Deuteron Charge has the distinguished honour of making Theta Delta Chi an International Fraternity, being the only current Canadian Charge. In addition, our infamous Polar Bear run and parties make Lambda Deuteron one of the most recognizable fraternities on campus. However, the most specific identifying factor of our house is the unquestionable bond exemplified through the lifelong friendships that the gentlemen of Lambda Deuteron possess. This is evident through the great turnout we have each year at Founders’ Night.

Since the founding of Lambda Deuteron at U of T, we have maintained Theta Delta Chi’s traditions closely for over 90 years. Though not officially recognized by the university, we continue our strong philanthropic program within our community. Every year, we host various events supporting local charities. Though the Greek Community at U of T is small, we, the brothers of the Lambda Deuteron Charge of Theta Delta Chi continue to have a strong impact within student social life.