Are you a UofT student looking for a scholarship? This guide will list all the scholarships you can find.

Tips on applying for Scholarships & bursaries applications

When it comes to applying for scholarships and bursaries, you need to demonstrate need. Bursaries and scholarships are intended for students in financial need unless the scholarship is based on academics or participation in athletics.

When assessing financial need, you are usually required to explain the expenses you have along with your income. If you write down on your applications unreasonable expenses that show you are not in control of your spending and not being frugral, it will be difficult to expect anybody to award you any bursary or scholarship money if they think you haven’t spent your money wisely to date or if they think you won’t make smart financial decisions with the money you do have available.

Talk to a counsellor or an advisor in your faculty

If you talk to a counsellor or an advisor in your faculty, they might be able to help you by offering a recommendation or by giving you other advice and tips on applying for other bursaries you might not have been aware of. These people usually want to help and have experience to help you. You never know what these people can do for you so make sure you are not shy and ask for help.