President’s Report

March 2018

In the past 12 months the Undergraduate brothers have been working tirelessly to restore TDX to its past glory. We have added 8 new brothers in 3 semesters and we are looking to keep that going with a current pledge class for this spring.  Our top priority has been the growth and prosperity of this fraternity and I believe we are headed in the right direction.

With improved care for the house, an increase in sorority socials and a greater focus on philanthropy, we have instituted a greater sense of brotherhood among the new initiates. Our Philanthropy chair Christian Vincenzi has got us more involved with Autism Speaks signing us up for the Autism walk, as well as making us monthly contributors to the Sick Kids fundraising campaign. I believe through these initiatives we will be seen as a multi faceted organization that will attract more potential members.

I look forward to continuing to improve the fraternity with my fellow undergraduate brothers to ensure the future success of this Fraternity. The undergrads and I would also like to thank all the Alumni involved in installing new windows for the house.

  Jim Brownson